New seat back and bottom in preparation of new upholstery 

Engine removed
from hull

Old seat back

Engine removed
Prepared to detail,
Service, Exhaust
Manifold Gaskets

New Rotary Cut Philippine Mahogany panel
on engine hatch
New Philippine Mahogany
to replace broken wood
At seat back
Boat ready to strip finish

1958 Chris Craft Sportsman
Missy Kitty - Varnish Stripped
1958 Sportsman Owner Only!
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Note - belt sander had been used on previous restoration
Stained and ready for sealer!
Sanded - ready for stain!
Belt sander issue resolved. Taping off blond area for Chris Craft Mahogany stain
Front Seat Before
New Front seat.  The upholsterer says that when ever the "long horn" pattern was used it was repeated in the front seat
Back Seat before
New Back seat... the front seat bottom cushions will be essentially identical
What has made this so difficult to research is that apparently the upholstery was provided in MANY different combinations - such as the chevron on the engine box and no "long horn" on the seats!
Note how the top of the back seat is "rolled over" the foam and a "band" sewn into the sides but not into the top.
Cracked Plank - Repaired!
First Coat of Sealer - Do I look serious or what?
Note how the grain "pops" when the clear coat of sealer is added above the stain
And re-fastened
Engine detailing nearing completion. Also added to scope was the addition of new head gasket, exhaust manifold gasket and removal inspection and cleaning of oil pan. Very little residue found - and no indication of moisture. A valve job was considered, however, valves are in the block on this engine and not the head.
Walk around of boat - video
Walk around of engine - video
Bottom Re-Caulked and Painted with Hard Racing Bronze
Six Coats of Varnish
Deck seams taped off and painted white. Customer wants to have deck seams be amber - such as after a maintenance coat of varnish has been added. After deck seam paint cures, two more coats of varnish will be added to bring the total to 8 coats
Bilge cleaned of years of grease and grime. Engine height and angle adjustment wedges are painted and ready for Engine to be mounted. Floors re prepared for new floor enamel. - note green showing through... This is original color.
Engine Installed, Floor painted original color
Varnish coat #7 - One more to go!
8 Coats of varnish and its time to GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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