1961 Chris Craft Ski Boat
The bilge was thoroughly cleaned. Years of grease and grime were removed. This process takes about one man day of effort.
Hull has been sanded fair and bleached to prepare it for stain.
Cracked plank replicated.
Steve and Dave removing a plank.  Steve, a CEO of his own company has sought out and found a new hobby.  Steve is already teaching and giving advice to others!
Things have started taking off with this boat. Here you can see the red filler stain being applied. Next will be two coats of sealer and the blonde stained kingplank. Stay tuned.
Tailpipe all fouled up? Woodies can straighten it out.
Sealer coat #1
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Trailer for 1961 Chris Craft Ski Boat
This trailer was actually GIVEN to the customer in order to get it hauled away!  I neglected to take a "before" picture but here are some in progress images.

Work performed
Prime with Epoxy primer
Paint with high gloss anti rust paint
Purchase and install:

Still to come!
Replace bearings and seals
Replace nylon spring bushings in suspension system ( some are already missing)
Carpet bunks
Add keel roller
New strap type winch
Fabricate and install custom "Goal post" style bow stop (like on trailer above)
New Fenders ( there were no old fenders!)
New LED light kit

Just look at the condition of the wheel bearings!  When the grease was cleaned from them, a roller fell out of its retainer!  Another is ready to fall out! Both the cup and cone are rusty and would quickly have failed under a load!  "Danger Will Robinson!"
Remember how the engine looked?  Steve is shown with his handy work.  It takes a full 2 days to clean, remove any loose paint and detail an engine. As a result of the cleaning and detailing process the condition of the engine can be scrutinized - no ptotential problem can go undetected. The cleaning also includes flushing of the engine cooling water passages as well to ensure trouble free cool operation of the engine to maximize its usefull life!

Both the starter and the generator have gone through the same process and in fine working condition They two will be mounted and the engine fired up once again and ready to be re-mounted in the boat.

The first coat of varnish was applied on February 8th, 2008. Shown here is the owner and restorer "tipping"
the last of the varnish on the first coat.

Note: his reflection in the varnish!
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