1967 Chris Craft
Super Sport

Hull #7 of 15 built the last year of the Wooden Super Sport!
This boat was found under an open shed
The engine was in several boxes!
427 Ford Interceptor Engine - same engine configuration installed in the Shelby Cobra of that year!

Engine is currently being rebuilt by a professional rebuilder in Lexington Kentucky! Below are pics of the engine block and other parts prior to being sent to the rebuilder.
Rot to be replaced on the starboard bow and in most of the wood underneath the old fiberglass.
Hardware stripped and cataloged.
Caprail and starboard transom bow were found to be rotted and were replaced. Two battens were also repaired.
The bilge was thoroughly flushed and cleaned before a new coat of the original gray bilge paint.
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Update 10/09/09
Pieces to chrome shop
two exhaust rings
light base
flag pole, to be removed.
gas cap
lifting ring, rod to be removed
lifting ring
step pad covers
shift lever,hardware to be removed
gas cap ring
stern light and flag pole mount
switch ID plate
2 vent scoops
lifting ring trim ring
throttle/shift lever cover plate to be rechromed
above shows shift/throttle handle internal with spring and ball to be reinstalled in location shown. Install as shown, spring into pocket and bearing between rod and spring.
left pic shows lock pull pin with bearing that goes into the hole shown on bottom of pic at end of shaft, spring is in hole, bearing must go between spring the is in the pocket and the rod.
above is exploded view of shift/throttle control disassembled. Bottom view with all parts layed out in location they go in
above is closer pic of shift/throttle control
below is pic of shift/throttle control with clearer view of screws and locking pin and shifting rod in place
close up view of internals of control and both control rods in location to be used for reassembly
We disassembled the shift/throttle control in order to send cover, lever and push-pull button to rechrome. All case and parts were bagged and labeled for reassembly.  ( NOTE: on the handle rod there was a bearing and spring located at the base and on the front end of rod which must be reinstalled  with rod.)
Note: there is a bearing and spring located on the bottom of the push/pull rodside for maintaining alignment and free movement and must be placed back into location when reassembling. Red arrow points to location
Note: red arrow shows location of pocket where spring and bearing are inserted as show in above picture.
Update 10/21/09    
Below are some pictures of the interior panels of the boat removed and being used as templates to remanfacture new ones. Also are pics of some of the foam padding in the seats, seat frame shot showing rot and degradation of the wood. A couple of the pics show the upholstery used in the boat and we found original material under this new vinyl," What a stroke of luck!!!" We can confirm the color we already have is correct and can also confirmt the pattern!
Original information plates with load and passenger info
Original plate with statement of safe boat handling info  installed by the factory
Continuing with pics of seats and panels
WOW!! Look what we uncovered. Here is the foam under the upholstery htat was just covered up with a new and different color vinyl. We have the sample of original vinyl so we have confirmed the original color and pattern. We found that some of the material on the sides is embossed with an approximatgely 3/4" wide rib.
Seat back and bottom boards
Right is pic of seat framing showing rusted poles and rotted wood
Above is picture of more foam cushions and old vinyl
Above picture shows vinyl covering of seats as redone close to but not near original
This is a seat back vinyl piece
To the right are several pieces of assorted trim  which were close to the original, but no cigar folks!!

This is pure class in itself !!!! Style and performance were achieved through unique hull design and shear muscle in the 427 power plant.

shift lever rod from beneath showing location of bearing and spring, indicated with red arrow above.
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Below are several pics together to show the detail work to replicate a piece removed due to decay of the wood on the stern port side.
Pictures below are of the stern bow beam that was removed, and this new piece steamed and bent ot shape. Also showing the port corner and work being performed on it as well.  things are looking up for this  classic!!
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