Century Cheetah.
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Above is an example of an owner doing most of his own work, however, some work required tools that he did not have and just a little of a professional's expertise. Customers can work in my shop and receive guidance from me for the retail cost of the materials and less  labor charge than if the entire job was completed professionally. The result is professional results with less investment.
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Adam added a beautiful  Philippine Mahogany surround to the decks of his Fiberglass classic. Note the new rebuilt and detailed engine in one photo.  Adam worked side by side with us in the shop adding and joining the surround planks. Adam made the bungs for the screw holes in our shop and then fastened the decks down and bunged the holes, sanded, stained, sealed, and varnished them.  What a head turner this boat is. 
This boat has been in Adams family since the early 70s. It first belonged to his grandfather, and then to his cousin.  It now has a new lease on life due to the great efforts of its new owner! Every cove Adam enters - everyone wants to know where he got such a beautiful boat, what year it is, how it is powered etc.

Adam also installed a new upholstery
All finished and in the water at the Bluegrass Rendezvous on Lake Cumberland
This is what it is all about ...... big smiles!  Adam has turned another page in the history book written about this family boat 
His wife's name ....Paige...
the boats' name.....
"Turn Another Paige"
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