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Woodies Restorations is owned by Paul Cundiff - a classic boat enthusiast who was bitten by the restoration bug about 30 years ago.  It all started when Paul's daughter went boating with some folks in the neighborhood.  She came home and told her dad (Paul) that she wanted to take her money, which was being saved for a horse, and buy a boat instead. Soon "Tara's Horse," a 28' Chris Craft Constellation, was purchased.  It was all that the young family could afford. 

Paul, an engineer, restored the boat and soon people were driving from miles away to see the varnish work on this cruiser.  Soon thereafter, a small boat was "required" for skiing and pulling tubes behind.  A 1960 Chris Craft Capri was purchased and renamed "Taylor's Pony."  In 1994, "Taylor's Pony" earned Best Non-Professional Restoration at the Kirkland, Washington ACBS show.

Next, a 55' cruiser was added to the fleet and was relocated over 2,200 miles under its own power to Lake Cumberland.  Soon after, Paul met Martenia, who came complete with a daughter and her 16' Thompson.  A house was built overlooking Lake Cumberland in Jamestown, Kentucky, a house that has a 3,500 square foot boat shop under it, and a business was born.  In 2008, the original shop having been outgrown, the operation was moved to a 10,000 square foot facility in Russell Springs, Kentucky.  Since the founding of the company, many boats and engines have been restored for many satisfied customers by the professionals at Woodies Restorations.
Brandon Withers– Marketing/Shipping

Brandon works for Woodies Restorations.  His work includes managing and maintaining the companies website and social media pages. He oversees shipping for Woodies Restorations and sales, quality control, and shipping for Rayco.  

He does everything from listing your boats for sale on our website to updating customer work pages and shipping parts and new fuel tanks to customers all over the world. 
James Osborne - Contractor / Office Manager

James manages Woodies' accounts, including the billing, ordering, and shipping information for each project. 

James joined the Army after school, where he gained experience in personnel  record-keeping for several battalions.  In 1986 he attended Moorehead State University where he majored in accounting.  James has been a manager for many businesses, including Ace Hardware and Radio Shack.
Paul and Martenia Cundiff Woodies Restorations Owners
Zach Berry - Custom Canvas Contractor & 
                                Lead Multi-tasker  / Production Manager                                  

Zach's work at Custom Canvas includes selling and marketing canvas and upholstery.  He also orders materials for each project and always makes sure the projects run smoothly!

Zach's skills include building and/or fabricating bimini frames, installing canvas, and installing vinyl upholstery. 

                                                    Several things set us apart from other restorers:
Additional information for those who may want to review it:

A "woodie" is a wooden boat, usually from before the 1970's.

Paul Cundiff is the owner of Woodies Restorations (no apostrophe). Paul is NOT "Woodie."

Woodies Restorations is located at 653 Lakeway Drive in Russell Springs, Kentucky, 42642, in Russell County, just south of the Cumberland Parkway and near Lake Cumberland.  The telephone number of the main office is (270)-866-2628.

Woodies has three additional divisions:  Rayco (in Jamestown, KY), Fiberglassics Restorations (restorations of fiberglass boats or parts of boats), and Custom Canvas & Vinyl (also located at 653 Lakeway).
Taylor Cundiff - Restoration Specialists

Taylor specializes in finish work but is in no way limited to only finish work. He has spent the greatest part of his life in the antique and classic wooden boat scene assisting his father, Paul Cundiff. 

Taylor served eight years in the Army National Gaurd where he became a Black Hawk Helicopter mechanic. 

Taylor is also a trained collision repair specialist. He is also well versed in all aspects of antique and classic boat restoration. 

Most recently Taylor added yet another feather to his hat when he received his Coast Guard 100 Ton Master Captains Licence. 
Christine is a retired critical care nurse from the West that has now moved to Kentucky to prticipate in Woodies Restorations and the soul of the tree. Her background in woodworking has been turning burls. Paul offered her a job when she called about a boat to restore. She has now found a new career in boat restorations and learned the basics of  mirror finishing ...... so the story begins.
Christine Netuschil
Matt came to us from the Restaraunt industry believe it or not. Matt has always been good with his hands and he has managed several marina restaurants. We picked him up to help manage the Custom Canvas operation and Zach has a desire to move from managing this division to fabrication and install of the product.

Matt Goff - Custom Canvas Sales Manager
Jeff came to us from the cabinet making industry and quickly caught on to the fact that there are no straight lines or square corners on boat parts. Almost all parts have a taper, an angle, a bevel, a curve, or all four! Jeff has planked two lapstrake boats (an 18 foot Lyman and a 30-foot Chris-Craft) among many other major jobs. He also travels with us on jobs. Most recently he went with me to replace fuel tanks on Roman Coppola's 40 Foot 1953 Nunes Brothers in Napa California!

Jeff Miller - Woodworking Specialist
Scott came to us from the trade show industry. He ran crews setting up and removing displays for various companies at home shows, the Farm Progress Show, and such. He loves to travel and helps us with transport. He has been to California, Louisiana, New York, Northern Ohio, and a bunch of places in between so far! Scott's abilities are not just limited to transporting. His main job is to help prepare boats for paint and varnish and assist Taylor with the finish work.

Scott Lockwood - Finishing Apprentice / Transport
Henry is our lead welder for trailer fabrication and modification at our Rayco facility. He also performs most of the mechanic work on engines and  installs fuel tanks. He's also been known to be very handy with plumbing and electrical work to maintain our facilities. 

Henry Anderson - Welding / Lead Mechanic
Henry came to us as a welder with close to 50 years of experience. Henry was formerly a welder for a local manufacturer that produced aircraft parts. Unfortunately, the company decided to close the facility. Lucky for us! Henry has too many certifications to mention. He welds your tanks, your cutwaters, and occasionally helps us with welding on the trailers. He is also a logger so he works part-time with us on the tanks.

Henry Antle - Lead Welder
Tabitha started with us by traveling with us on a Job with her Husband Jeff. She cleaned up for us and ran errands and we all ended up preparing meals together. She did most of the meal shopping as well. We realized she could be a great asset at our shop, keeping it clean and running errands for us. She also has helped Jeff when he needs an extra hand. She has proven to be a real asset in this regard! She also traveled to California with us and removed all the barnacles from Roman's running gear! She is not afraid to do what it takes to get the job done!

Tabitha Miller - Restoration Support Specialist

Andrew Eisenhauer
​Andrew is related to the original Man! He lives in Tennessee for now but is relocating to Russell County. His background is civil war reenactment as a Seargeant. Hebrings an expertise in engine repair and restoration and anticipates wood finishing as well. And he has a musical background with time in a band and plays the banjo as well.
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