Employment Opportunity
Job description
Restoration Specialist 

The minimum requirements are that the employee be, or be able to: 

In addition to the minimums the ideal employee would have all, or part, of the following additional skills: 

We are willing to teach skills if the employee does not possess them. 

Take a look at our shop and what we do as you navigate our web site here at Woodies Restorations.com

Will consider co-op student in final year of school as well as short term contract employee. Actual boat shop experience a plus. All ages and genders considered.
Pay commensurate with training and experience. Pay evaluations every 3 months.
Great area to live... people drive for HOURS every weekend to be on the one of the largest man made lakes east of the Mississippi river.
Small town - sportsman's paradise -
Take a look at the area on lakecumberland.com (many many links to help you get to know the area.)

Download and open the file above to examine our comprehensive Skill Based Pay evaluation form. Evaluations will be performed every quarter. 
Please send your resume and direct questions to [email protected]
[email protected]
New Toll Free Phone Number   866-921-2628