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Here are a few testimonials:
I picked upthe packing today as I had to take my wife that way to her doctor.  Got the packing installed.  It would only take 2 1/2 wraps.  Otherwise the threads wouldn't engage.
We installed the fitting into the hose and tightened the clamp.  Depending on how my wife is feeling I hope to get out to the lake in the next week...  Will let you know if we got it tight enough.  You sure made it a simple job.  THANK YOU.
I can't recommend Woodies Restorations enough.  Paul Cundiff and the folks at Woodies came in and helped me with a very difficult situation.  They went above and beyond to repair my Chris Craft, and very patiently and knowledgeably guided us through the whole process.  We found Paul to be the most honest and conscientious of all those we have worked with in the past.  We hope to continue a long relationship with Woodies Restorations.  They truly stick by their motto:  "Do more than you are paid for."

-- Roman Coppola  
Let me start by thanking you for your help last Wednesday.  I’m guessing the time we spent talking and your research saved me about $1,500 on this project.  I started working on the boat Thursday, Jan. 11. It is stripped to the spray rails ...

Clark Towery

Just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate all of your help in locating the original Carter AFB carburetor for my 1968 Century Cheetah.  It really was like finding a needle in a haystack!  Not only did you locate the carburetor for me, you also engineered the modifications on my new non-original manifold to work with the carburetor.  What a difference it has made.  My boat starts the first time every time, with no smoke or soot, and really jumps out of the hole like never before.  Woodies Restorations makes boating fun! Thanks again, Paul!

Just a short note to thank you for all of your help in the recently completed project on my boat.
    As you know I have had my old Chris Craft cruiser, a 1969 41' Chris Craft Constellation, for 25 years.  It had developed some serious rot on the aft cockpit deck and top two planks on the transom.
    Your help in sharing your knowledge and getting the right wood and supplies for my boat went far beyond the normal level of service that exists in this day and age.  You made a difficult project far easier than it would have been if I would have been dealing with one of the big marine supply places that I have used before.
    I could go on for pages and pages If I were to talk about all of the detail involved and some of the mishaps that occurred on my end, but it is enough to say that at each step you were there with your help and advice.
   It is a pleasure to deal with people like you and your assistant Gregg.  
   I wish you and Woodies Restorations good health and happiness and plan on calling on your help on all of my future projects on the old Nickl IV.

Nick Weinsaft
Branson, MO
Hey Paul-

I wanted to tell you how much fun (and work) it was to build that boat. 

My three boys and I haven’t had a chance to spend time together like this in a long time. Every night when we got back to the hotel, we would talk about the day and then do all kinds of reminiscing about crazy things that we experienced growing up.  It was a riot.
I would like to thank you and Brad for your generous efforts to make our boat a success. Whenever we needed a tool or help you guys were there.


PS:  If you are ever in the Milwaukee area, give me a call.  Maybe I can return some of that hospitality.

Well, what can I say in words to capture just how I feel about our weekend!  I have never had so much fun working so hard!  It was an experience I'll never forget, and I know my entire family feels the same.  We made it home fine, but all eyes were on the boat the entire way.  I look forward to completing the work, and hope that some day, when you are in the vicinity, you can visit us at Pickwick.

Thank you for your input, help, and a very friendly attitude.  A motivational speaker said, "Help people get what they want and you will get what you want."  "Do what you know and know what you do": translated it means, "Do what you love and love what you do and, most importantly, be happy."  This is what I find with you and your company.  You make a customer feel like a friend for life.  

Thank you all.

John A.  Wahl 


I thought I would send you a pic of my boat.  I also wanted to thank you for all your help.

Thanks so much for your call tonight Paul.  I learned more from you in 15 minutes than from countless hours surfing the web, participating in blogs, and from reading in books! 
Pete DeVito 
Winter Haven, Florida 

Paul Cundiff 
Custom Canvas & Vinyl 
Woodies Restorations 
Russell Springs, Kentucky 

Dear Paul, 

I want to thank you and your entire staff for the magnificent upholstery work you did for me on my 1957 Capri.  You all never settled for anything but perfection when you covered all my seats and panels.  The upholstery was a dead match with the original and you went the extra mile to make sure it was all tacked as I requested to match the original.  I finished the Capri a week before the Sunnyland Antique Boat Festival and it so happened to win the Best Chris Craft award. 

Thanks again for all your attention to the details and the great customer service by your staff. 

Best Regards, 

Pete DeVito 
I am a recent client of Paul Cundiff at Woodies Restorations.  Paul performed valuable consulting work for me in my search for the perfect wooden boat for my situation.  Paul is unquestionably the go-to expert for wooden boats and restorations.  However, he is also the go-to person for consulting services.  He performed an on-site inspection several hours away on two separate occasions.  He immediately reported to me what his impressions were and what best to do.  Paul saved me countless hours of work and countless thousands of dollars.  He is as honest as they come.

Jeff L.
Regarding Building Family Memories events:
Regarding Upholstery from Custom Canvas & Vinyl:
"The love of wood boats hit many of us while we were growing up.  Myself, I never forgot the roar of the engine, the beauty of that wood, and the everlasting smell of leather and kapok.  Unable to afford a wood boat while I was growing up, I settled for fiberglass and aluminum boats until 2004 ...

...  Once this hull and bottom work was finished I brought the boat back to my garage to be completed.  Upholstery was the most lengthy ... [process].  The original was worn and cracked in places and had to be replaced.  Due to some rot around the seat bottoms I built new bases and backs, then cleaned, painted and refastened the original springs. Once all the upholstery pieces were documented, I packed everything up and shipped it off to Paul Cundiff at Woodies Restorations.  Paul had Red and White Tolex material remanufactured to a perfect match; even the Silver Mylar welting was a dead match.


The restoration was completed in three years with more than 400 photos and 92 pages of documentation compiled during the process.  This is a small synopsis of the research needed to preserve our wooden boats and it could not have been done without the help of many people who I have come in contact with around the world.  Our "Boat Buzz" is one of the greatest resources available for documentation.

Knotty Blonde was complete four days prior to the 2014 Sunnyland Antique Boat Festival and received the "Best Chris Craft" award.  Knotty Blonde was also featured on the cover of the Spring issue of The Brass Bell.  ..."

Excerpted from "The Story of Knotty Blonde" by Pete DeVito, Sunnyland Chapter, ACBS, which appeared on pages 10 and 11 of the Winter, 2016 issue of Thoroughbred Newsletter, a magazine published by Century Boat Club of Manistee, Michigan.  "Century -- the thoroughbred of the boating industry."

Note:  19 foot Capris were built by Chris Craft from 1955 through 1958.  The hulls were numbered CP-19-001 through CP-19-786.  The engine offered was a Chris Craft KBL, KLC, or KFL.  The upholstery was Gold (1955), Special Flame (1956), Mint Green (1957) or Tango Red & White (1957-1958).  The hull material was Mahogany.  The DeVitos own CP-19-668.   Their e-mail address is [email protected].
Part of the work done for J. Peter Devito by Woodies Restorations' division, Custom Canvas & Vinyl.

 I buy a lot of boats and have done with tons of brokers, you by far are the best. Most don't  even respond or take forever.  

 You have gained a customer for life and I will strictly contact you for all my boat needs even  if I have to wait to purchase what I'm looking for as you don't have. Antique boat America,  antique boat center, mccalls, Sierra boat company etc do not have the service or persistence  you have, so thank you, you're the best. 

 I'm glad I found the Philbrick through you and was able to put deal together with the owner. 

  Thank you. Sergio 


  "Just wanted to say thanks for the amazing turnaround time on the fuel tank. It arrived on         Wednesday and they had it installed that afternoon. Had to take it back for an unrelated           fuel/water separator problem which they sorted out and ran it for 15 minutes in the pond.       Took it to a rendezvous on Grand Lake on Friday and then the Presque Isle wooden boat         show on Saturday. Ran strong for the entire cruise and no issues. Can't thank you                   enough."

        Thanks Dave and Connie

  We appreciate not only the courage he had to tackle such a project, but the skills to complete it. We heard that it takes a certain amount of craziness to be involved in boat restoration. We believe Paul has been blessed with just the right amount.


“I want to thank you again Paul. The boat is beautiful and the work you guys did is greatly appreciated. I would recommend Woodies Restorations without reservations. You are great guys to do business with!”

-- Frank Sewell
This Shop is fantastic!

Paul, Taylor, James and the rest of the team are true professionals!

They recently took care of my Sportsman.
A small job compared to the complete jobs in progress.

They discovered and corrected work that had been done poorly and incorrectly by another shop.

Taylor kept me updated by phone and photos as work was completed.

They are my go to shop from now on. 

David Gates  "Wood Duck"