The Legend of Chris Craft

Marine Insurance / Emergency Services

Hagerty Classic Boat Insurance "Classic boats deserve classic coverage"*

Heritage Marine Insurance "Your classic boat is more than just a vessel. It's part of your life. At Heritage Marine Insurance, we understand how you feel about your boat. We own and love classic boats, too. That's why we're proud to offer you Classic Coverage, a complete insurance program designed specifically for all classic boats."*

Marine Assist of Lake Cumberland
Marine towing, assistance and salvage service on Lake Cumberland, Kentucky available 24/7/365. 

Marine Surveying 

Antique and Classic Boat Listings

Random Acts of Photography  Woodies Restorations HIGHLY recommends this site if you are still deciding what type of boat you might like to own.  

Elite Boat Sales 

LaPointe's Antique & Classic Wooden Boats & Motors  "We buy and sell classic boats and engines! serving the antique boat community for 20 years."*

Lady Ben Classic Wooden Boats "The web's finest free classic wooden boat listing site."*

Antique Boat Center "Bringing antique and classic boat buyers and sellers together!"*

Antique Boat America "Your first stop for classic, antique and wooden boats online."*

Antique Boat Canada "Your first stop for classic, antique and wooden boats online."*

Wooden Boats for sale online An extension of this engine will help you find a wooden boat of any kind and make.

E-bay Motors "Buy with confidence on E-bay Motors."*

Boneyard Boats "Help Save Old Boats!"*

Wooden Boat Rescue Foundation "The Wooden Boat Rescue Foundation is dedicated to placement, saving, locating, researching, wishing, learning and  dreaming of  wooden boats.  All boats are free."*

Classic Boat Hardware and Boat Sales "We buy boats and hardware at fair prices!"*

Inland Boat Works "Chris Craft Boats, Chris Craft Restorations and Sales!"*

Fine Wood Boats "Your Chris Craft antique wood boat and vintage inboard parts source"*

Boat Owners World  " Classifies, Forum, Directory, News"

Antique and Classic Boat Clubs

Chris Craft Antique Boat Club "the flagship antique and classic boat club—the oldest in terms of continuous existence and club publication."*

Chris Craft Boat Club "Owners and their boats"*  a note from Woodies.... These are mostly the new boats on the Chris Craft web site!  There are a few antique and classic boats on this site, but mostly new boats. 

Carver History "In 1954 in a Milwaukee garage, Charlie Carter and George Verhagen began building mahogany-planked, high-speed runabouts"*  

Lyman Boat Owner's Association "the national organization for Lyman boat enthusiasts."*

Century Boat Club "Dedicated to the wooden Century Boat enthusiast."*

Correct Craft Fan Club   "The best Correct Craft reference on the web."*

Shepherd "This website is the premier online community for Shepherd Boat lovers, owners and enthusiasts. You'll find photos, an owners' database, historical information , price lists and more."* 

Owens Yacht Marque Club "The Owens Yacht Club exists for the purpose of promoting the preservation, restoration, repair, use, and appreciation of boats built by the Owens Yacht Company."*

Antique Classic Boat Society "Since its founding in 1975 on the shores of Lake George, New York, The Antique and Classic Boat Society, Inc. (ACBS) has grown into the largest society in the world dedicated to the preservation and enjoyment of historic, antique and classic boats."*

Bluegrass chapter of the ACBS

Antique Outboard  Motor Club  "This site is a great site for the outboard  motor and boat enthusiast. It has a comprehensive links page that is extremely helpful"    Woodies Restorations opinion

Garwood Boats 

Sea  "The Chris Craft Sea Skiff Club is dedicated to individuals who own or have a special interest in Chris Craft Sea Skiffs and who enjoy the many social, cruising and restoration activities that surround these wonderful boats."*

Chris Craft Commander Club "Only The Chris Craft Commander Club gives you the power to reach out directly to hundreds of willing, helpful, Commander-owners."*

Information Resources

The Mariners Museum    Holder of The Chris Craft Archives                                                                     
The Mariners Museum Chris Craft Archives

Chris Craft History

Garwood A short article on Garfield Wood's racing history.

Owens History History of the Owens Yacht Company

Vintage Marine Sales Literature Would you like the have the original sales literature published about your antique or classic boat? This is your supplier.

Great Encouragement to Boatwrights This is an excellent bibliography of boat building and design resources.

The Rudder Magazine "The Rudder is the official quarterly magazine of the Antique & Classic Boat Society"*

Vintage Boating Life Magazine "International Quarterly Magazine for Vintage Enthusiasts!"*

Correct Craft "The best Correct Craft reference on the web."*

State Dock "World's largest houseboaters!"*

Lake Cumberland.Com "The official guide to Lake Cumberland."*

Boat "Connecting boat builders and designers on the web."*


State Dock Web Cam

Jamestown Marina Web Cam

Supplies / Services

Aker Outdoor Products "The touchless Boat Cover - Nothing is easier or more convenient....Nothing even comes close"
Woodies comment - an excellent way to protect your Woody!  This eliminates hot spots on the varnish and provides that ever important good ventilation!

Smith's Clear Penetrating Epoxy Sealer  "The Epoxy People"*

and a related link that has a four section (plus introduction) scientific research paper on the use of epoxy to restore rotted wood.  The link is Wood Restoration . Com  There is no direct association between the two web sites - and only shared links.  Woodies Restorations is a dealer for the Smiths Epoxy products shown in these two links.


Petit "Simply better."*

Interlux "...the leading supplier of high performance Marine Coatings."* 

3M "The spirit of innovation. That's 3M"*

Star Distributing "Restoration and Refinishing products."*

MAS Epoxies "MAS Epoxies are the most advanced, high performance and user-friendly epoxy formulas in the world."*

California Classic Boats "Online Catalog of reproduction parts for antique and classic
Chris-Craft, Dodge, Gar Wood, and Hacker Runabouts and Utilities"*

Don Curtis Boat Restorations Thirty years of experience building and restoring wooden boats.
email: [email protected]
229 Panorama Drive
Benicia, CA 94510

Howard Classic Boats "Howard Classic Boats Specializes in Restoration and Sales 
of Classic Wood, Steel, Aluminum & Fiberglass Boats"* 

The Boatwright "Specializing in traditional and modern wood construction since 1986, Brad Rice, The Boatwright, offers boats built with pride, retaining fine lines and craftsmanship."*

World Panel British Standard 1088 marine plywood

Chris Craft Outboard Parts "Specializing in Chris-Craft outboards, this site contains a wealth of material for the Chris-Craft outboard lover."*

Old Marine Engines "A resource for antique inboard marine engine enthusiast"*

Marine "Marine engine helps you find inboards, outboard motors, parts and service"*

Champion Trailers Champion trailers parts supply.

CumberlandTrailer   Trailer Sales and Service on Lake Cumberland

*Quoted from their website

Pit Products  Trailer accessories and storage. 

Helpful Links for 
Boat Owners & Enthusiasts 
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New! Killer Designs by Darin Our graphics and lettering specialist. He can repioduce virtually any image on the back of your boat!

Culver Marina - Culver Indiana
[email protected]

New Toll Free Phone Number   866-921-2628
ACBS international boat show and meeting
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