We've heard it over and over again!  It is true they USED to be high maintenance but NOT NOW and here is WHY!

Prior to the 1920s boats were custom made. A boat was ordered and a year or so later it was delivered to the affluent owner. In the 1920s Chris Craft began a production line operation making standard models which reduced costs and made recreational boating available to population at large.

Take a trip back in your memory to the 1940s 50, and 60s and recall how many people had a garage or other place to properly store a boat. Because most boats were stored outdoors all winter, most boats needed refinishing every spring. 

Today, if a wooden boat is treated as well as a boat of contemporary construction the finish will last for many years. Conversely, a fiberglass boat stored outdoors all winter would require a great deal of annual maintenance also. 

Modern materials are more durable than the finishes of yesteryear further enhancing the life of the finish. 

This boat had a 12 year old finish prior to it's 2005 restoration.

The Maintenance Myth.
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"I've always wanted to own a woodie but" 
"Wooden boats are such high Maintenance!" NOT!!!!!!!!