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1939 Chris Craft 22' Runabout
1939 Chris Craft Runabout 22' Triple Cockpit. Model Number 934. Hull Number 22121. 6' 7-1/2" Beam. 1' 9-1/2" Draft. 

Boat was delivered to Bolton Landing, New York, November 1, 1938 under the name of "NENEMOOSHA".

Twenty-four boats of this year and model were delivered, eight of these boats are still known to exist. Original cost was $2,550. 

The boat was purchased by the current owner in February, 1988. 

Original hull number is evident on all sub assemblies (seats, back rests, hatches, floor boards, etc.). The seats and back rest have the original springs and horse hair padding. 

​The boat is powered by a Chris Craft Model "M" 130 h.p. engine with a 1-1/2 reduction gear. The weight of the engine is approximately 1,000 pounds. The "M" is 320.4 cubic inches with a bore of 4 inches and a stroke of 4-1/4 inches.

The dry weight of the boat is 3,190 pounds. The wet weight of the boat with all necessary equipment and a full 33 gallon fuel tank is 3,500 pounds. The boat and the trailer weight combined are 4,180 pounds.

In 1997 the bottom was reworked. The original planks were removed and new plywood was installed, then the original planks were reinstalled.

The newest improvements were done to the trailer, which includes new tandem axles, disk brakes, aluminum wheels and tires. Also the custom aluminum braced bunks were made and installed to custom fit the curves of the boat for optimal support. A new goal post style bow stop rounds out the recent modifications to the trailer. All of the recent work performed on the trailer was done by Woodies Restorations.