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1958 Chris Craft Sportsman
Gorgeous 1958 Chris Craft Sportsman. If you are looking for a reliable and beautiful classic boat, you have found it! The current owner has owned this boat since the Spring of 2016 and has gone completely through the engine and fixed anything/everything that needed it. We here at Woodies Restorations have been the ones to do all of the work on this boat that the current owner has had done.

Exterior- The boat had not been started or put in the water for 30 years when the current owner bought it! It was a "show boat" and parade boat. Because of that, the body and varnish are in great condition and the majority of the boat is original. As you can see, the upholstery is dark red and looks absolutely great with the mahogany. The floor was replaced in 2014 with marine grade plywood and stained to match. The windshield is original and it also comes with the original E-Z-In ladder. It has the copper anti-fouling paint on the bottom of the boat and it works great. The wood is all mahogany and all original. It has 8 coats of varnish on all of the wood, interior included. The gas tank was redone last summer as well and the bottom is very tight. Includes original poles with light and correct flags.

Engine- She is powered by a Chrysler Ace Marine engine, an inline flat head 6. These engines are not only tough, but run forever. We completely went through the engine this spring and fixed and/or replaced everything that needed to be due to it sitting for 30 years. List is just too long, but for starters the carburetor, fuel pump, generator and starter were rebuilt or replaced. Basically, he fixed everything and it is ready for the lake now and for years to come. It also has a brand new bilge pump and I have the complete listing from this summer of everything that was done to the engine so you can see what work was completed. Wishbone trailer is included that has new tires and working lights. I also had a custom made cover fitted for it that does include the support poles and has holes cut out for the front and back rings. 

The current owner has a copy of the original bill of sale from the Chris Craft plant in Cadillac, Michigan, and all of the engine books, wiring manuals, etc. This was all ordered from the Chris Craft Archival Collection of The Mariner's Museum. 

Bottom line, she is an example of a wonderful original boat that is a complete classic that is mechanically and cosmetically in great shape. The only reason the owner is selling this one is that he bought a bigger 1957 Chris Craft down in Florida and will not need two of them!