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1968 Lyman Runabout 19'
For Sale a totally restored 1968 19’ Lyman Runabout with 190 HP “Interceptor” Motor. This meticulously maintained Lyman is ready to be used immediately or entered into a Boat Show (which it has been many of times previously). It’s a great family boat... easy to operate and simple maintain! This boat has been owned and restored by an experienced Lyman restorer for the past eight years. A partial list of improvements to the boat include:

Engine overhaul with less than 400 hours on it since overhaul
New alternator
Rebuilt water pump & rebuilt pump pulley
Complete exterior sand (to bare wood), all screws tightened, CPES applied, primer and paint (Petit EZ-Poxy)
All Topsides sanded, stained and Re-varnished
No soak bottom including bottom sanded, all laps/seams sealed and painted with Petit 1933 Copper Bronze Anti-fouling Paint
Bilge sanded and painted
Red boot stripe recently re-painted
Rear top Mahogany (Ribbon Stripe) deck replaced
New foot pads with chrome insert
Custom Canvas Cover re-stitched and reinforced (additionally all canvas snaps epoxied in to hull sides)
All ribs checked, repaired (where needed), screwed and epoxied in.


Front end of trailer (steel) custom rebuilt/refabricated
Sandblast to raw metal, primed and painted.
Bunks re-carpeted (black)
Hydraulic Surge breaks added (one new spare drum included)
Trailer lights recently rewired
Two new tires and hubs
Axle rebuild/repair